TJ's Treasures

         Joshua 24:15

A Local, Lexington, Tennessee business where you never know what treasure you may find!

I am Tabitha, my husband, John, and I are both retired. We both enjoy many hobbies. I made the decision to retire early and spend time at home with him and our son, but I still needed to earn an income.  So putting our heads together, with our degrees in business, our passion for hobbies, exploration, and a desire to do something unique, TJ's Treasures was born. We buy and resell merchandise. 


We obtain our merchandise two ways.  


First, we purchase storage units when they are no longer paid for.  We try to look for units that are neat and clean, but sometimes that junky locker just looks too enticing to walk away.  When we bring it home and go through it, it's always an adventure as to what we may find. 


Second, we purchase pallets of new, discontinued or overstock merchandise.  We enjoy a variety.  We always research the prices and will always list for 1/2 price or less.


We travel up to 3 hours away to try to find different, valuable, merchandise our customers may want.  If you are looking for something, we may have it, or we will help you look.


We operate in a 80' x 30' shop behind our home.  After much prayer and consideration this was the best option for us and you, our customers. This way we can continue to provide the products that will interest you and keep our prices as fair as possible.  


Plus, by operating behind our home it allows us flexibility to spend time with family.  And to be on call for our church, as John is a pastor at Chapel Hill Baptist Church in Lexington.  So we ask that you always contact us to make sure we are going to be around when you want to come by. 


We place things for sale on our facebook page called TJ's Treasures and we list most everything there first. But, we do not always post the smaller items. We also list items for sale in the Facebook Marketplace and on other Sale sites in the area.




You can purchase our merchandise by contacting us and making arrangements to pick up.  We are located only 6 miles from the Beech Lake swimming area.  


You are always welcome to come look as we don't often post the smaller items.


We hope to offer some of our smaller items online to be available to ship.  But shipping and handling cost are something to consider.


Our mission. To conduct our business to honor the Lord so that others would see Him through us. To provide products you want or need for a fair price for you the consumer and us the seller.  We do our best to ensure that the products we sell are complete and operational.  


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